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Helge Christie's - Sustainable neuro strategy - for leaders

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My name is Helge and my special contribution to you is sustainable neuro strategy.

What is sustainable neuro strategy?

It combines three relevant questions in 21th century: Sustainable development, neuroscience, and strategy.

·         Sustainable development goals are signed by 193 countries in the United Nations. Among the 17 goals are climate action, biologic diversity in land use and oceans, and strong institutions with dialogue.

·         Neurocoaching means brain based, evidence based and mindfulness based questions, stress reduction, and tools.

·         Strategy means to find easy, fast, best, effective problem solution, way, steps of action, alliance partners along a time line. A strategy is based on your values, beliefs, identity, vision and goal – to achieve desired result.

I help leaders

create brave and bold strategies for United Nation’ sustainable development goals - using the latest brain-based, evidence-based, and mindfulness-based tools. The strategies I inspire are easy to understand, execute and report.

Why invest in yourself?

You are a leader that want to achieve more, influence more, inspire employee engagement in your team, communicate better. In fact you are the main power to reach your goal. To be a more effective, productive, successful and happy leader - you may invest in your competence, capacity, talents and strategies.

What you get:

*        Stress reduction

*        Clarity to find your inner solutions and resources

*        Vision, goal, plan, strategy, new beliefs, training program

* Increased effectivity and impact

*        Joy, enthusiasm, power to execute

* 60 second speed coaching for busy leaders

* Insight in how to use your diverse brain networks to discover what you love to do and are best to achieve more quickly. Your talents and values: I specialize in creating motivational strategies that will stimulate your creativity in ways that reflect your highest vision and values. This creative brain network I balance with - logic, facts - and with enthusiasm, humour and play – when taming deep unconscious feelings and motivations.


Example issues:

* What do you really want that could make you shine at your next level

* Create empowering beliefs you need to reach your goal 

Your unique contribution to sustainable development

* What motivates you most to climate action

* How to align your top 5 values/talents to be part of sustainable solutions for planet, people, income

Bold, optimist, proactive

* Be a committed bold pioneer sustainable leader with resilience – rather than risk manager or fence sitter

* How you may execute future now – the dopamine of the first step

* Focus on hope, possibilities, solutions, pleasure, co-creating - seeking, lust, care, play, grief and vulnerability – rather than rage, fear, apathy, blame game, victim role

Creative problem solving in your team

*Create better meetings where you go out of the meeting with more inspiration than you went in

* Alliance building for a common attractive magnet vision and identity

* Employee engagement, inspiration, motivation triggers for co-creating and innovation


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a sustainable neuro strategy session:

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Why choose me?

I am the author of 16 books, co-founder of several companies, worked with ecosystem strategies as farmer and organiser for 40 years, and I speak fluent English and Norwegian. My credentials include:

*         NeuroCoach Certification with

Mark Waldman, Executive MBA Faculty,

Loyola Marymount University

*         Certified GallupClifton Strengths Coach

*         Certified Group and Team Meta-Coach

*         Self-Actualization Psychology Diploma

*         Certified 4MAT consultant  

* Using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator since 1992

* University background in biology, sociology, food culture, history

* Successful story with co-creating organic milk dairy and food region

My core coaching values are Truth, Openness, Deep Listening, Respect and my goal is to help you create win-win situations in your personal and professional life. 


How we do it?

·         1-1 meetings, zoom, skype, telephone or team workshops.

·         Once a week or when you need it.

·         You commit yourself, do the work, train, exercise, create, execute. You have the embryo or start point of solution to your question inside yourself.

·         I ask questions, lead exercises.

 YES, I want to Experience a test session with Helge

a sustainable neuro strategy session:

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You choose among 3 coaching program frames

6 months, gold

12 months, gold

1 month, silver

 You choose which item challenge you want to solve within these program frames.


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