What runs our brain on - climate action day?


Which network do you allow to rule your brain?

If we think 5 important brain networks, they may be called:

Thinking. Fantasy. Value-balancing. Positive motivation. Negative emotions.


 Thinking, logic, executing network (EN). (Where Conscious mind in DLPFC is a small frontal part of EN.)

 Fantasy, imagination, intuition, mind wandering, daydreaming, default mode network (DMN).

 Value / balancing network, Salience network (SN).

 Positve Motivation / reward network, Panksepp’s positive deep primary emotions (seeking, lust, care, play). (Dopamine)

 Negative Emotion network, fight, flight, freeze, Panksepp’s negative deep primary emotions (rage, fear, grief).

What if we allow our thinking brain - cooperate with your positive emotions for seeking solutions with joy - be balanced with your personal inner values for future generations - in stead of our negative fantasy - and fear, fight or flight emotions?