Fact-fantasy-balance in climate conversations


I often hear 3 arguments:

-Renewable energy, like wind turbines in untouched land, is better than coal and oil.

-Solidarity is that Norway should help EU as Europe’s Green Battery.

-Reduce consumption is necessary, but people are not willing.

 Yes, I hear and accept you use these brain networks! However may I invite you to shift brain network? Please: Yawn-stretch-relax-observe without judging. Here I will address:

1)Too much thinking

2)Too much fantasy

3)Too little wholeness balance



Fact-fantasy balance:

There are pit falls both in – too little – and too much


1)Too much thinking logic, fact focus network.

The result may be narrow, one-sided either – or-thinking. You may quality check with fantasy and possibilities. Then you need to access your creative problem solving or your visualising network. They are in the Default Mode Network (DMN).

Please: Yawn-stretch-relax-observe without judging. Then ask to shift network.


2)Too much fantasy/wholeness, means that you lack facts.

You have too little, too weak facts and logic.

Ask: Is it true? You may quality check with access to: Thinking, logic, facts. This you find in your Central Executive Network (CEN).

Please: Yawn-stretch-relax-observe without judging. Then ask to shift network.


3)Too little, too weak wholeness balance, nead more wholeness reasoning

To balance and integrate from an overview perspective is difficult and takes time to reach. Often women reach this perspective by 28 years, men during 10 more years, and then little or nearly never. When people are younger they live more in their fact or fantasy networks.



Do you want an exercise to train your brain to consciously shift between the 5 important brain networks?: Before you shift brain networks, it is a very good idea to get rid of old waste products in your brain. You need to refresh the brain: PLease yawn-stretch super slowly-relax-reduce stress- then observe without judging: Then ask: Can you live with it (the solution, argument)? Can you afford it? Feel the wholeness balance of the argument: Is it too much fact focus narrowness - or too much fantasy in the argument? Now you may access your wholeness balance network, Salience Network (SN). You may valuate, balance, integrate, find a solution you like to live with.


Do you wnt to experience a sustainable development neuro strategy:

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