How do you answer critique of Greta Thunberg?

She talks out load to stop global warming. Then she is met by split and rule technics: First ignore you. So make laughter. Then always criticise you. Then blame and shame you. When you win, they say they always have agreed with you. Here are 6 points and tips to ask those that criticise Greta.


2)Always criticise

3)Criticise because



6)Tips to ask.

What do you think and feel?:


1)Disqualify and criticise the person

and draw attention away from the message that climate action is needed now. Criticise the way she performs and works – in stead of discuss the case of global warming. Criticise procedure and ignore substance. Criticise form in stead of content. Focus on person in stead of the important message.


2)Always criticise

independantly of what is said/done – not said/done. She is not good enough. That is perfectionsim. Nobody is perfect. But Greta is really good enough. Are nobody with human weaknesses allowed to say their meaning?

Say: I agree with Greta Thunberg that climate action is needed now.

Ask: What is your opinion on that?


3)Criticise because what she is and how she perfoms

Criticise when she is angry, afraid, tired. Criticise her lifestyle to be pietistic. Critique of what she can not choose to be: Young, Asberger diagnosis. Too young: Ask: Do even many adults agree with her? Some are so unpolite they say she looks ugly. That is a communication with no respect. Do you continue to talk to a person with no respect?


4)Objectify – make her an object without subjective will

Somebody stays behind her: Ask: OK. Do others agree with her?

She is no Messias: Ask: Do you always only listen to a Messias?



is to tell what you think she should do otherwise; that she should go to school, she should not strike.

Ask: What should you yourself do to stop global warming?

After you get an answer: Ask: Will that your action help enough?


6)Tips to ask

Greta Thunberg is proposed to recieve Nobel Peace Price. Some says Nobel Peace Price is only for old professors or state leaders.

Ask: How many old professors may have changed world opinion to a next level like Greta?

Will you experience a conversation on how you meet critique of Greta Thunberg?


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